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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
Does it hurt?
How to choose the tattoo master?
How to choose the motive?
How to maintain the tattoo?
What do I have to warn about before being tattooed?
Should I make an appointment for tattooing?
Which are the styles of the tattoo motives?
What is forbidden to do before the tattooing?

What is forbidden to do before the tattooing?

At least 24 hours before tattooing you are not allowed to consume alcohol, any kind of drugs and most medications. You should come well rested, and not hungry. Do not eat two or three hours before tattooing. If you feel tired or sleepy you will not be able to be calm and relaxed at the time of tattooing, you will probably be restless due to increased sensitivity to stimuli caused by exhaustion, which can even cause dizziness.




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