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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
Does it hurt?
How to choose the tattoo master?
How to choose the motive?
How to maintain the tattoo?
What do I have to warn about before being tattooed?
Should I make an appointment for tattooing?
Which are the styles of the tattoo motives?
What is forbidden to do before the tattooing?

Should I make an appointment for tattooing?

It is necessary to make an appointment for tattooing, but there are also exceptions when you may be able to get yourself tattooed right away in cases where you want a smaller tattoo and we have a free time slot long enough for making the desired tattoo.

To make an appointment you need to come personally to the tattoo studio and decide a motif you want, be it a motif that you bring with you, catalogue motif, or motif made on request. The length of the appointment depends on the time to prepare the tattooing matrices, working area needed for tattooing and making of the tattoo itself, so you will be given the first possible date when your tattooing can be done undisturbed. With certain tattoos it is necessary to reserve an appointment for the preparation of the motifs (drawing or modifications of the motif). Preparation is not charged but it is also necessary to make an appointment for it.

While making the appointments either for preparation or for tattooing, it is necessary to bring 100 kunas deposit, and for tattooing bringing 20% of the agreed value of the tattoo. The deposit will be refunded if you come to the appointed date. In case you do not come when the appointment is scheduled without having some legitimate reason, or if you are late to the appointed date, you lose the right to refund of the deposit. If by being late to the appointed date you disturb the schedule of other appointments, you lose your appointment.




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