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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
Does it hurt?
How to choose the tattoo master?
How to choose the motive?
How to maintain the tattoo?
What do I have to warn about before being tattooed?
Should I make an appointment for tattooing?
Which are the styles of the tattoo motives?
What is forbidden to do before the tattooing?

Which are the styles of the tattoo motives?

Just like in classical painting there exist many different painting styles, similarly in tattooing, which is also a painting technique. They are called styles of tattooing because tattooing is basically an application to the skin based of a certain motif; it is an act of entering pigment into the skin using needle.
  • tribal style
  • Celtic style
  • haida
  • realism
  • fantasy
  • Japanese style
  • traditional style
  • new school
  • biomechanical style
For detailed explanation of the aforementioned styles check out the gallery.




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