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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
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Is tattooing dangerous for health?

If you decide to get yourself tattooed, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is how much the tattooist knows about the tattoo profession. Tattooing is a complex process that you cannot see while glancing at some tattoo that momentarily made an impression on you, enticing you to get one yourself. Today many people are tattooing but it is questionable whether they really know their job. Such people whose professionalism is questionable are called scratchers and are not popular in the professional world of tattooing. Scratchers know little about tattooing and because of their ignorance they are not aware of the possible dangers to which they are exposing their clients and themselves.

Just like any other procedure on the body tattooing can be very dangerous, it can seriously jeopardise the health and even shorten life if it is done unprofessionally and in unhygienic conditions. The greatest danger faced is getting infected with the hepatitis B and C virus, especially infection with HIV virus (the cause of AIDS) and gold staph (MRSA). Also there are a lot of infectious diseases that can be transmitted by blood and bodily fluids that can develop to chronicle diseases and cause death. Every respectable tattooist and tattoo studio with a good reputation makes sure that appropriate sterilization and disinfection maintains the risk of infection by infectious diseases to the minimum.

With unprofessional tattooing you also risk an allergic reaction to the pigment with which you were tattooed. In order to buy quality paint and tools for professional tattooing, proper documentation of owning a trade or a company needs to be given to the distributor. The colours for tattooing need to pass through duty and sanitary control where proper documentation for the company or the trade needs to be given. Scratchers can work only with the colours and tools which are of questionable quality.

Also it is very important to strictly abide by the rules given before and after tattooing. If, due to your lifestyle, you cannot provide 7 days required for the maintenance of the tattoo, it is better to postpone the tattooing than to suffer unnecessary consequences like inflammation and redness of the skin and similar complications. It can also affect the result of the tattoo resulting in lesser quality of the tattooed motif.




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